Things to Know at Camp

If you have forgotten something at home, ask us! We can often save you a trip to the store. Click more for additional tips.

Camp Out depends on our annual music festival to pay for and maintain the campground all year. Donating will help us continue to keep costs reasonable, pay bills, and allow us to continue to have outstanding talent at Virginia Women's Music Festivals in the future. (LINK)

Purchase your 2021 before September 1st for membership until 2021. (LINK)

We are open for camping! Please contact us if you have any questions. (LINK)

A secluded, natural, getaway for women. Home of the Virginia Women's Music Festival

Virginia Women's Music Festival 

Our biggest event of the year. Join us Memorial Day Weekend for music, dancing, games, and great food. Be a worker, be a vendor, or just be there!             

Seasonal Camping and Events 

CampOut is open for camping from April through October. We have other special events and weekends. Check out our schedule.