Things to Know...

A secluded, natural, getaway for women. Home of the Virginia Women's Music Festival


Valet Camping (offered during the Virginia Women's Music Festival only): After you've made the long journey to CampOut, you'll want to find a site, get set up, and get your weekend started. To make that easier for you, we will help you unload your gear and get it transported to the camp site you've selected. At the end of the weekend, we'll be back to help you move it all back out! While this service is not guaranteed, we make every effort to be there to help.

Tenting: There are many wooded sites at camp. Group sites are available for 8 or more people. Reservations for group sites are required, please call the business office.

RV Area:
We have an RV area with 20 and 30 amp electric there are no water or sewer hookups available at this time. Reservations required for the Virginia Women's Music Festival. Space is limited, reserve early!

There are several cabins with twin and double bunk beds. Bed space is reserved per person and per night. There are no restroom facilities in any cabin. Cabins hold 8-16 people. Reservations are required for cabins. Please call the business office.

Food (available for purchase during the Virginia Women's Music Festival only)
Cafeteria style food is available for purchase at the Camp kitchen. A variety of vegetarian and meat
options are available during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Due to the large volume and small kitchen space, meals will only be served at the posted meal times. A snack bar is located at the kitchen and will serve hotdogs, hamburgers, boca burgers, sodas, coffee, tea, hot chocolate and a variety of snacks. Smores for the campfire will also be available. See the program or kitchen for meal times and snack bar hours. Bags of Ice are available at the snack bar.

Rules, Regs, and Other Stuff

  • Please be kind to Mother Earth, only you can prevent forest fires!
  • First aid is available at the kitchen
  • Smokers, PLEASE use butt cans provided
  • The left side of the stage is for smokers, the right side is for non-smokers
  • Illegal drugs and fire arms are not allowed on the CampOut property
  • No pets allowed during Music Festival; Service animals as defined by Title II and Title III of the ADA are welcome
  • The main gate will close promptly at Midnight. If you have purchased a festival DAY ticket and you spend the night, you will be required to pay additional fees
  • There may be Men on the land to clean the porta-potties. This usually is in the mornings before 8am, but not generally during festival (our girls take care of your business!)
  • Ice is for sale at the kitchen at $3.00 per bag
  • Propane stoves and charcoal grills are permitted at your campsite; the CampOut booth sells extra propane tanks
  • Open fires are only permitted at the main fire circle next to the pavilion or at designated group site; please protect our wooded sanctuary
  • CampOut has hot showers; please be considerate of others and conserve water when showering
  • Clean your area. A recycling center is available at the Pavilion; please "pack out what you pack in" including your own trash
  • Wheelbarrows are available for you to transport your gear to your campsite. For the safety of others, you will not be able to drive to your site and unload. Our unloading area is within 100 yards or closer to the campsite areas. Please be considerate and unload quickly and move your car to the main parking area so that others may unload.
  • If you find that you have forgotten something from home, please do not hesitate to ask. We
    have a variety of items in our CampOut booth or our Camp Kitchen.

  • Quiet hours are from 12 midnight to 8am and are strictly enforced. 
  • And lastly, due to the safety of our participants and to our land, the main fire circle will be extinguished promptly at 1 am each evening.