Festival Workshops and Other Stuff

A secluded, natural, getaway for women. Home of the Virginia Women's Music Festival

See program for days and times.

AA Support Group
Meeting daily on the Cabin front porch (Workshop H). (see kitchen cashier for details).

Adult Play Time with Georgia Winfree

Learn the basics of improv comedy.

American Mustang: Our Wild Legacy
Plan on visiting the American Mustang demonstration and information booth at this year’s Music Festival. CampOut’s newest member, Sassafras, and a few of her herd mates will be at this year’s festival. Amanda, trainer and advocate for the American Mustang will give a ground-work demonstration and explain the adoption process for Mustangs from the BLM.

The Anatomy of a Song with Sonia

SONiA will take you through the mysterious process of writing one legendry song. Which happens to be the featured song at the Memorial Service "Me,Too."

Buddhism with Stephanie
Curious about Buddhism? Already a practicing Buddhist? Kara Barnard facilitates a discussion on Buddhism, the basics and the various traditions.

Drumming Empowerment with Kristen Arant
Get grounded in sound - learn basic hand drumming techniques on the West African djembe drum, plus rhythms and songs to release stress, anxiety and fear, and cultivate conscious connection and joy! Bring your own drum, or borrow one of ours - first come first served. Plenty of shakers and bells also available for use.  More on Kristen Arant at www.drumlady.com

Dine/Maori with Indigie Femme

Are you open to having a new experience of learning two traditional indigenous songs? Indigie Femme (Tash & Elena) will be teaching a Navajo (Native American) as well as a Maori (New Zealand) waiata (song). If you feel moved by this workshop and are comfortable, you will be encouraged to help close Indigie Femme’s set on stage in the evening with one, or both of these songs. Bring drum and rattle (if you have one).

Poetry\Creative Writing with Lezlie

Single Sisters with Katie
Come meet other single sisters ahead of the big dance tonight! This workshop includes short get-to-know you games and an optional Camp-wide team scavenger hunt!

Singing Bowl and Voice Group Meditation with Tory Trujillo

Participants will receive a vocal and singing bowl vibrational sound healing meditation offered to the group by Tory. Tory Trujillo is a Certified Massage Therapist, Educator, and Professional Vocalist who facilitates healing through bodywork, energywork, and music.

Veterans Meeting
A meeting of veterans interested in the Memorial Day service.

Wedding Meeting

Interested Get married at the Music Festival! Come on by for more information.

Workshop with Jamie Anderson

Jam for everyone. Bring your voices and your instruments and let’s jam on favorite songs! All levels. All kinds of fun.

Yoga with Kate Reavis
This simple workout will help get your body feeling limber and relaxed. We will spend time going over basic yoga stretches.